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Secundes: Paving the path to education and career excellence

At Secundes, we’ve taken a proactive step towards making a difference in the lives of aspiring accountants. We have established our very own study fund, administered by the Helpende Hand Study Fund. This initiative is designed to provide invaluable support to students pursuing part-time studies while working full-time at Secundes. Today, we’d like to introduce […]

When to register your business for VAT

There’s a compulsory threshold, but there may be advantages to voluntary registration. Value-added Tax (VAT) registration is a crucial obligation for businesses operating in South Africa. Knowing when to register for VAT is essential to comply with tax laws and avoid penalties. This article discusses the circumstances under which businesses must register for VAT in […]

A dive into South Africa’s revised assessed losses regulations

Navigating the complex world of corporate finance and tax regulations can be challenging for businesses. South Africa has recently undergone significant changes in its tax landscape, including limits on assessed losses and adjustments to corporate income tax rates. To stay informed, adaptable, and compliant, companies must seek expert advice and gain a better understanding of […]

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