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About Us

Innovative dedication comes with experience.

Peace of mind is something more valuable than most people realise. But once you have it, the solace you gain in knowing the future is taken care of opens up the doorway to fully embracing the present and all of its opportunities.

Since our establishment in 1983,

Secundes has offered businesses the peace of mind they deserve, knowing that their financial future is secure.

Throughout our existence, we have offered guidance and assistance to organisations across numerous industries. This experience has enabled us to offer you a service that is crafted by industry insight and the wisdom gained over our 38 years of service. With in-depth knowledge of the internal workings of businesses, we also assist with the establishment of new company structures and business strategies while overseeing your corporate secretarial requirements.

Today, as a Xero Platinum Partner,

Secundes connects our clients with the leading online accounting solution, allowing you to introduce a new level of efficiency to your business, saving you time and money.

Going beyond the simple provision of accounting and advisory services, Secundes is committed to ensuring the future of our industry and your continued success through specialised skills development and training that provides technical insight into the latest developments in the accounting and financial industries.

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