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Secundes: Where Values Translate into Value

In accounting, numbers often speak louder than words. However, our firm is not just about numbers; we’re about living up to the values that shape our culture and enhance the service we deliver to our clients. We believe that the essence of true value lies not just in the services we provide but in the […]

Ring-Fencing Trading Losses

Top-rate taxpayers need to watch out for Section 20A SECTION 20 of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 deals with the set-off of losses from a trade against other income.  In general, such set-off is allowed (see sub-paragraph (1)(b)), provided that the loss is incurred in the taxpayer’s own name (i.e. not in a […]

Taxing Employer-Paid Gratuities

It’s not only your retirement fund that may pay out when you decide to call it a day. Some time ago I wrote a series of articles dealing with the various payments that an employee might receive when leaving an employer. However, while those articles dealt mostly with what went wrong between the former employer […]

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