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On 3 July we celebrate a valued director at Secundes Rekenmeesters: Frikkie van Schalkwyk’s 50th birthday!

Frikkie’s enduring passion for people and problem-solving has been evident since his childhood days exploring the family farm in Lindleyspoort with his brother. While he once dreamt of donning a superhero cape or a police badge, his true calling in numbers became clear as he grew older.

Today, as a director, Frikkie draws upon his extensive experience and expertise. After finishing his studies at the Tshwane University of Technology, he embarked on a fruitful career that has spanned over 28 years.

He is known for his caring and helpful nature, always advocating for fairness and diplomacy. His favourite quote by CJ Langenhoven, “Humility can never fall”, reflects his grounded personality and commitment to building strong relationships.

Frikkie always goes above and beyond, whether it’s by paying close attention to details or by making complex financial matters easy to understand. As he says, “Clients face challenges daily. To be part of their solutions, showing them a different way of solving their problem… those are my highlights.”

Outside of work, he cherishes his family time and enjoys travelling and playing golf.

Here’s to you, Frikkie! May your 50th year be filled with joy and continued success. Happy Birthday!

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